Vote NO Measure A

This huge tax on pot will promote illegal sales and illegal activity in our residential neighborhoods, apartment complexes, condo associations, mobile home parks, etc. Do you want this type of activity moving in next door to you and your family?

Supporters of Measure A want you to believe that their pot tax will be used for police and fire; however, there are no guarantees on how money will be used!

Don’t you feel like our city council is constantly holding us hostage? Seems like they are always threatening to cut our safety services if we don’t give in to their demands. Is this how you want to live your life with constant fear and threats from City Hall!

Look, the city’s finances are not your problem. Bottom line is that our city council spent beyond their means again. Giving them more of your money is not going to solve their problem.

And this tax has nothing to do with the city allowing pot shops to open in the city. It is a way to collect a tax if pot shops do open up. And if none open up then where will the city get the tax money they claim to need so badly? Maybe increase other fees?

Besides, just 10 months ago while our mayor ran for office he said our crime rate is among the lowest in Orange County but now he is saying we need more taxes for police?

Overtaxing pot will only promote a thriving illicit market that pays no tax! You don’t want this moving in next door to you, do you?

Vote No on Measure A.